7 things you know before getting your breasts done

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7 things you should know before getting your breasts done.

The issue of small breasts has become a serious problem for girls. Because breasts are an important part of the body that expresses femininity. If you have a good, proportionate figure It will help boost girls’ confidence. Things that should be taken into account every time before having surgery. It’s not just about the desired breast size. But there are still many details that the girls You should know before deciding to do it. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Before having breast surgery, you should know this.

1. Physical examination before surgery

Before every surgery, the doctor will check your physical health to make sure that Ready for surgeries such as blood tests, heart tests, breast cancer, and x-rays.

2. Helps to increase bustiness

The silicone material for breast augmentation must be non-toxic to the body and make the breasts look as natural as possible. The silicone that Korean girls pour their hearts into is the “Dual Chamber” silicone (Dual Chamber), teardrop-shaped silicone that has 2 materials in one gel bag, including Solf Gel on top for softness. Natural and Safe Gel underneath adheres firmly to the breastbone. Makes the breasts have a full cup shape and volume, resulting in a beautiful, stable breast shape that is not sagging.

3. Answer mother’s questions

Mothers don’t have to worry about that. If you have breast augmentation, you will have problems with breastfeeding. This is because the doctor can add silicone to the Pectorialis skin layer that is far from the milk production duct area. Mothers can breastfeed as usual.

4. Smooth wounds, hiding marks

Did you know that women can choose the location of their surgery? This will affect the size, appearance and recovery time. For those who do not want to see the incision, it is recommended that you choose silicone implants. Area under the armpits (along the wrinkled line of the arm). This surgery will use an Endophone camera (endophone) to reduce risk and increase precision for the incision. Avoid harm to large blood vessels and tissues. Reduce the chance of excessive bleeding from the cut wound.

5. Beautiful, neat, no scars.

For girls who like to wear sleeveless shirts, surgery on the areola (nipple) area is probably the best option. The doctor will make a 1.5 centimeter long cut in the areola area, making the wound size very small. Until you can barely see the incision. Therefore recovers quickly and the wound heals quickly. However, this surgery may result in decreased perception and sensation of the nipples.

6. Sexy in every shape

For those who are not interested in the incision, it is recommended that the incision be made under the breast. Because this method can be used on all breast shapes. Especially teardrop breast surgery. And you will recover quickly because less blood will come out of the wound than other incisions.

Regardless of what type of surgery it is The surgeon will use a camera with a lamp and a magnifying glass to look inside during surgery. To see the location of tissues, nervous system, and blood vessels, analyze the location of breast implants. To prevent hardening or inflammation due to incorrectly placed materials.

7. Take care of yourself after surgery.

After surgery, there may be adhesions around the implant. Using an uneven implant reduces the risk of adhesions. But if fibrosis occurs, women should see a specialist doctor. To surgically remove it and then replace it with new material or change the position of the silicone.