Ancelotti has a packed program this season.

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Carlo Ancelotti has called on all organizations involved in organizing La Liga football fixtures to be more mindful of player health than they are currently in the crowded queue.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has called on leading organizations to work together to resolve the crowded fixtures this season. After the white team had a queue to play four games in just 11 days. According to a report from Marca on Friday. 

Real Madrid will play four consecutive Liga games in the space of 11 days away from Villarreal on Saturday. Next up is Girona away on Tuesday April 25, Almeria defense on Saturday April 29 and Real Sociedad away on Tuesday May 2 UFABET

‘The calendar is an unreasonable schedule. It’s too crowded. too many games. And you have to assess the health of the players a little bit. Who is the most important Here everyone thinks about themselves. La Liga thinks of itself, RFEF (Spanish Football Federation) thinks of itself, UEFA or FIFA and the players are not involve at all. This is incorrect. It’s not the right path for football. Something must change The number of games is too many.’ said Ancelotti.

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