Barcelona look to Javi Galan the Celta in case of Alonso

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Barcelona are reportedly interested in Celta Vigo’s left-back Javi Galan. by being the secondary choice in case of missing out on Marcos Alonso from Chelsea.

According to Deerio Sport. Coach Xavi Hernandez wants a new left-back to compete for the title with Jordi Alba. Who retires every year. UFABET The first choice in mind is Alonso, the Spanish national team degree.  

The ‘ Barca ‘ staff travel to London , England since last week to meet with the agents of players. Including Marcos himself or Cesar Azpilicueta . Full-back captain ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ 

However, because of the takeover process from Roman Abrahovic’s hand to Todd Bohly ‘s group. Full financial transparency has not scrutinize any time soon. Cause it to be sanctioned to buy – sell players until the way ‘ Azul Grana ‘ is afraid of waiting.

So it’s looking for a secondary target. Javi Galan the 27 year-old knowing that the player has a release clause worth 18 million euros at the end of the 2022 season .  

Calan ‘s commitment is until June 2026. Overall this season, 34 games played in Spanish La Liga , made three assists . And then this Wednesday night (11 May ) to try to  prove the pace for the Barcelona executives to see the form at the Camp Nou. Because there is a queue to face each. other.