Boyan completes transfer to Vissel Kobe.

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Boyan completes transfer to Vissel Kobe. Boyan Gerkic started his career in football with Barcelona. He has produced quite satisfactory results for young players. Boyan Gerkic has been hailed as a player who will step up in Barcelona in the future. But he has high expectations Boyan Gerkic faces a lot of pressure. So he moved to Roma including Stoke City. And never returned in the same spot again. Before Boyan Gerkic chooses to move play with the Montreal Impact.

Most recently Boyan Gerkic has become a free agent after only a year at the Montreal Impact. It was Vissel Kobe who decided to sign Boyan Gerkic joined the team. Boyan Gerkic in an interview: “I am ready for a new challenge in my career. It is a very good opportunity for me and the Japanese culture has attracted me a lot. And thanks to Vissel Kobe for give me the opportunity to collect my experience of playing in Japan.”

Andres Iniesta is a very special player for me. I am very happy to work with him again. And I am ready to score as many goals as possible from creating Andres Iniesta’s Chance. Boyan Gerkic scored 41 goals in 163 appearances for Barcelona. Before being released to Roma in 2011 after having to go down to sit as a backup. And can’t squeeze up to be the main character of Barcelona successfully.