German legend Gerd Muller dies.

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German legend Gerd Muller dies. Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich announced on Sunday August 15 that legendary West German striker Gerd Muller and the “Southern Tigers” died at the age of 75.

” Southern Tiger ” revealed through the club’s social media that : Today the world of football clubs, Bayern, must stand still. The German record champion and all his supporters pay their respects to Gerd Muller. Who died on Sunday morning at the age of 75.

Muller played for the Tigers between 1964 and 1979, Making 453 league appearances. Scoring 398 goals and making 62 appearances for West Germany. Scoring 68 goals before leaving the field in 1981 and in 2015. That is suffering from Alzheimer”s disease.

Muller held the record for most Bundesliga goals in a single season with 40 goals in the 1971/72 season before striker Robert Lewandowski. The good of Bayern destroyed 41 goals last season.