Grealish: De Bruyne is a world-class player

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Grealish: De Bruyne is a world-class player. After being linked with Jack Grealish for a while. Manchester City have finally announced the official signing of Jack Grealish for a fee of up to 100 million pounds. Making Jack Grealish become is the most expensive English nationality player and is also the most expensive player of Manchester City. Surpassing Ruben Dias who moved to Manchester City for 62 million pounds. And Jack Grealish will take on the number 10 shirt after Sergio Aguero whose contract expired prior to his move to Barcelona.

In which Jack Grealish is very excited to work with world-class Kevin De Bruyne at Manchester City. Jack Grealish said in an interview: “Kevin de Bruyne is a world-class player and can play effectively. Whether it’s catching the ball with my team-mates or creating incredible chances. And I’ve been watching Kevin D’s way of playing all the time. A Bruyne is always there to improve on creating opportunities for his teammates.”

“And last season I managed 10 assists from around 25 to 26 appearances. Although I had never worked with Kevin De Bruyne before but he is a player that I want to work with as much as possible“

Although Jack Grealish is not yet guaranteed the starting position of Manchester City. Because there are many great players in the team. But Jack Grealish is ready to give his best. To become the main character of Manchester City. And Jack Grealish should be able to enter the field for Manchester City in the Community Shield battle with Le Lester City.