Pique wishes Messi good luck with new decision.

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Pique wishes Messi good luck with new decision. Barcelona’s president Joan Laporta has previously confirmed that Lionel Messi will continue to extend his contract with Barcelona. Because all negotiations have gone well. But due to financial problems. Barcelona had to immediately reject Lionel Messi’s contract extension plan. Which Joan Laporta admits to be very sorry for not being able to extend Lionel Messi’s contract. It is possible that the talks between Lionel Messi and Barcelona went well.

And it seems that Paris Saint-Germain are ready to bring Lionel Messi to join the team. As well Leaving only the details of the contract. Which Gerard Pique admits that within Barcelona will not be the same again. Gone with the absence of Lionel Messi in the squad but wishes Lionel Messi good luck with the new decision. Gerard Pique posted on Instagram: ” I have to admit that everything at Barcelona will never be the same after 20 years. This is the first time you haven’t worn a Barcelona shirt.”

“We met in 2000 when we were just 13 years old and in the first season. We came back to Barcelona we won trophies and you were called the best player in the world. Became a legend of Barcelona as well. Although now leaving the team already but I am sure that someday you will come back to Barcelona again after the situation has resolved. Which we wish you good luck. And all of us here will always miss you, Lionel Messi.”https://lolmode.com/