Rio Ferdinand thinks the Manchester United to stop being soft and brave in order to build himself up.

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Renowned analyst Rio Ferdinand thinks the Manchester United dressing rooms are too compromising. Especially in the situation of the head-to-head team, they shouldn’t care about anything else. Someone should have the courage to come out and give an intensely stimulating interview through the media with the goal of making it so that they can open their eyes to each other.

United had just lost in a Manchester derby match 1-4 that the score was lacking, but the picture of the game is more messed up and can’t be said to fight. But there are no players out of the media to speak strongly for the team to have a strong sense of humor.  Rio Ferdinand

At this point, the former defender of the ‘ Red Devils ‘ considers that the younger generation is too considerate. Professional football is a UFABET competition for success, not a platform for making friends. Therefore, you must have the courage to fight your comrades.

 commented on the YouTube channel ‘ Five ‘  .

“ From an outsider looking in, I feel like they all want to be friends. “

“ No one dares to step on anyone’s nose , criticize for causing it. It’s like they work as office people who care for each other. Even though he doesn’t like his face, he doesn’t open his mouth . 

“ But to be a winner you have to bring in other people to say – you don’t care – express our opinion. is a word that doesn’t have to be offensive, can be direct communication Please tell me that you should do that like this. ”

“ I haven’t seen such a response. The team’s body language was bad , stooped down , like someone carrying the world. and look unhappy. ” 

“ You guys play for Manchester United ! In a Manchester derby match, it takes more effort than the fans on the pitch would have loved. But you guys rambled like – I’d rather do something good than play football on Sunday –.”

“ My mood is like someone else, far away. For example , Fred, this clearly doesn’t support him in the system of play. ” 

“ The team passed through the hands of the manager . The most incumbent team came in and left. So it’s not about the coach. If the players are not here to play football , get criticism and improve every day – if you don’t train hard every day then leave this club . 

United ‘s main spokesperson today is Captain Harry Maguire, but no one is listening due to his ugly personal performance.