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Thai Jet Ski. Mr. Parikhet Suebsahakan director of the Jet Ski World Cup and World Series tournaments. Said that from Thailand has developed the Jet Ski industry. Until he came to stand at the forefront of the world. As a result Thailand became an official world leader organization to drive various benefits to the country into 4 economic groups. 1. World Hub importing foreign tourism 1,000 million baht. 2. The growth of sports in the country 800 million baht. 3. Creating a sports business market in the country of 2,000 million baht. 4. Initiation industrial development and exports of 200 million baht. Including goals of more than 4, 000 million per year and with being one on the world stage.

The tapes of the competition have already been reserved for broadcast in more than 100 countries around the world. By inserting Thai tourism into it. It is a huge success in terms of media value. Which thanks to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports authority of Thailand. The National Sports Development fund that help create success for Thailand.

The director of Parikhet said that in the past. Thailand developed until the World Cup field was a jet ski field. It was the world’s biggest in 2018. But it appears rival nations are seeing benefits in the economy and tourism. That only the racing team has more than 2,000-3,000 people coming to compete generate a total of hundreds of millions baht. So I want to fail the tournament of Thailand to build their own nation. 

Because it is a superpower have more money Thailand organizes only once a year. It can easily fall and most importantly. I think that Thailand has never had the ability to own any sports rights should be easily overcome. This point is a very interesting point.