Valencia set to sign Chalobah.

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Valencia set to sign Chalobah. Trevwoh Chalobah was considered one of the youngstars who perform brilliantly for Chelsea during the warm-up period. And there are many clubs hoping to bring Trevwoh Chalobah to join. But Chelsea do not want to let the great young players out of the team. So they are ready to let other teams on loan only. And Valencia are ready to bring Trevwoh Chalobah to the team on loan one season. Chelsea are ready to sell Trevwoh Chalobah to Valencia for more playing time.

Although Chelsea are set to sell Kurt Zouma out of the team. Chelsea’s central defenders are already plentiful and Chelsea have plans to bring in Jules Kunde. With making the chance that Trevwoh Chalobah will squeeze into Chelsea’s main character almost impossible. forcing Chelsea to let Trevwoh Chalobah to keep Experience with other teams. Before returning to be the main character of Chelsea in the future. But in addition to Trevwoh Chalobah there are many players that Chelsea are preparing to leave the team.

By Tammy Abraham is one of the players Chelsea are ready to leave for 40 million pounds. And it is Arsenal, Atalanta and Roma who want Tammy Abraham joins the team. But does not want to pay up to 40 million pounds. And there are also Marcos Alonso and Amerson Palmeira that are likely to be released from the team as well. After not being able to squeeze in a starting position with Ben Chilwell.