Verstappen drives to win F1 championship in Austria.

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Verstappen drives to win F1 championship in Austria. Formula one racing in season 2021 is the ninth race of the season. Which the Austrian Grand Prix competes at the Red Blue Ring Circuit in Austria.

On Saturdays ago (July 3, 2564) competition in qualifying rated  Max Verstappen from team  Red Blue Racing Honda  won the pole position in the past. The selection was successful. Second place went to Lando Norris of McRalane team. And third place belong to Sergio Peres of  Red Blue Racing Honda. While Sir Lewis Ham Milton seven time world champion from Mercedes only finished fourth. 

In the round of the race (Sunday, July 4, 2021) Max Verstappen from the  Red Blue Racing Honda team. Who took the lead from the first round of the race was the first to cross the finish line. He won this field successfully by being the champion of the field 5 of this season. And taking the first place in the cumulative points as well. In addition, It has also made history competition grab the best timer and win the competition for the first time in his career. 

While 2nd place goes to  Valtteri Bottas team from Mercedes Benz. And 3td of the  Miami Manchester United team MAC pitches Lane  by Manchester United also won the drivers excellent. of course this is also part of  Sir Lewis Hamilton. World champion seven days from the Mercedes Benz had problems with the car making the win. Finishing in 4th place.